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Employment with a Cruise Line

Jobs in the cruise ship industry are many. At any given time the staff aboard a cruise ship can number up to 1,500 people and with new cruise ships launching each year, plus the turnover from old jobs that need to be filled, there are amazing employment opportunities. The benefits included in most salaries are generous and the adventures onboard a cruise ship, amazing. For those who want to enjoy the security of a growing industry as well as travel benefits, but want to avoid a lifestyle surrounding travel, jobs in a corporate office are an excellent way to go. With an industry growing so much in terms of popularity as well as in size, this is an excellent time to take advantage of the large numbers of jobs available in such an incredible trade.

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Jobs aboard a cruise ship vary greatly and with each job, a different set of skills is required. It is likely you already have the skills it requires for one, if not many of the staff positions available. Most people don’t think of their previous work experience as one that is relevant to work on board a cruise ship, but with so many work positions available and so many different skills required by the ship, there is a place for almost everyone.

Some cruise line positions include: retail clerks, spa staff, fitness directors, cruise ship entertainers, lifeguards, production managers, host staff, kitchen staff, cruise ship bartenders, cruise casino directors, security workers, beauticians, excursion organizers, customer service representatives, deckhands as well as sales and marketing positions.

Any previous work in the hospitality industry is incredibly advantageous for work onboard a cruise ship because so much work is involved within and among the guests. Some of the afore mentioned jobs are entry-level positions and training is provided by the cruise line. In this case all an eager employee requires is the desire to work onboard and to be considered a good personality fit for the job. Other jobs, such as those where a greater deal of professional experience is required offer doctors or nurses who are looking for travel opportunities the perfect fit for satisfying work goals and travel desires.

The positions onboard a cruise line are usually contract, salary positions, typically ranging from three to nine months. The level of commitment varies for each cruise liner, as does salary and is often based on your position and experience. The following are job descriptions for different positions available on a cruise ship, followed by the requirements of each and a projected salary. The salaries listed below are only meant to be used as a point of reference and it is important to consider that all living expenses are provided at the cost of the cruise ship and in many cases these salaries are money that can almost entirely be saved.

Jobs on board a cruise ship are typically structured within different departments. On the ship, these sub categories are given a more descript title but for simplicity sake they are listed here as: Activity/Entertainment, Deck and Engineering, Personal Care, Service and Hospitality and finally Office.

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