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Shipboard Spa & Personal Care Positions

Positions in the personal care department relate to the personal well being and care of the cruise ship’s passengers and crew. The medical staff, spa workers, fitness directors, massage therapists and beauticians are all included in the Personal Care Department. Listed below are job descriptions and requirements for positions in the Personal Care Department as well as an approximate salary. The listed salaries should be used as a point of reference for your job search onboard a cruise ship and the benefits offered to an employee, such as free room and board and ability to save money, should be taken into consideration when reviewing the job descriptions and salaries.

Cruise Ship Beauty Therapist/Stylist

A person in this role has offers a variety of services to the spas onboard. Hair styling and cuts, manicures, pedicures, facials and waxing are just to name a few.


-Valid beauticians license
-Experience working in a salon
-Specific experience in hair cutting, styles and coloring

Compensation for a Beauty Therapist is $2,000 – $3,000 a month DOE

Cruise Ship Fitness Instructor

A Fitness Instructor organizes, teaches and supervises fitness classes on a cruise ship. They oversee the gym area and are available to answer questions regarding health, work equipment, fitness routines and fitness goals. They assist clients in the proper use of equipment and in other fitness related areas where they can be of service.


-Enthusiastic personality and lots of energy
-Certified from an accredited fitness training program in specific areas (aerobics/weights)
-Those with experience or certificates in mind/body fitness activities such as yoga and pilates are encouraged to apply

Compensation for Fitness Instructors are $1,800 – $2,300 a month DOE

Hair Stylist

The hair stylists onboard are similar to beauty therapists, but work only with hair. Cutting, styling, straightening, permanents, coloring and conditioning treatments are just to name a few. Hair Stylists must have good listening skills and a creative eye when it comes to meeting the hair needs of clients.


-Previous experience in a salon
-A valid license to cut and style hair from an accredited beauty school/college
-Good listening skills and a friendly personality

Compensation for a Hair Stylist is $2,500 – $2,900 a month DOE


A manicurist provides hand treatments to clients taking care to instruct proper nail care while providing treatments to the cuticles and nails. A Manicurist paints, treats, and provides nail products to clients.


-Licensed to work as a manicurist from an accredited school/beauty college
-Experience working in a salon

Compensation for a Manicurist is $2,500 – $2,900 a month DOE

Massage Therapist

A Massage Therapist is a must for any cruise ship. In fact, several are staffed at any one time. Massage Therapists are responsible for maintaining schedules and for maintaining the massage equipment and room facilities. They must have a working knowledge of the different types of massage including: Relaxation, Sport and Deep Tissue massages.


– Licensed masseuse/massage therapist
-Two years of previous work experience
-Applicants with knowledge or experience in other relaxation techniques such as aromatherapy and reflexology for example, are encouraged to apply

Compensation for a massage therapist is $2,800 – $3,800 a month DOE

Cruise Ship Nurse

Nurses are an integral part of the medical community and are seen as such onboard a cruise ship as well. They perform routine and emergency medical examinations to passengers and staff and assist physicians as needed. Nursing responsibilities onboard a ship are consistent with the responsibilities of a nurse in a hospital or clinic, sometimes requiring long hours. Independent workers and decision makers are a must.


-Friendly, sociable and confident
-Two years work experience
-Nurses with experience in the ER or ICU are encouraged to apply
-Must be a licensed Nurse and have graduated from an accredited nursing school/university

Compensation for Nurses onboard is $2,800 – $3,200 a month DOE


Physicians onboard are on call at all times during the cruise. They must be able to perform routine and emergency procedures and examinations to guests and staff. The commitments and responsibilities of a physician onboard are the same as those required of a physician in a hospital or clinic. In some cases routine and emergency surgeries need to be preformed.


-Board Certification
-Diploma from Medical School
-Experience in ER, ICU, Cardiac, Trauma and primary care medicine

Compensation for a Physician onboard a Cruise Ship is $4,800 – $7,000 a month DOE

Spa Attendant

Spa Attendants must maintain the cleanliness of the spa while attending to the needs of the guests. Providing fresh towels, water, meeting and greeting guests are just to name a few of the responsibilities of a Spa Attendant.


-Organizational skills
-Friendly, Sociable personality
-Experience working in a spa
-Knowledge of spa treatments and amenities

Compensation for a Spa Attendant is $1,800 – $2,000 a month.

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