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A job at a Beach Resort or Spa has much of the same allure as a job on a cruise ship: beautiful locations, happy vacationers, good salaries, amazing experiences and probably some elements of travel. Working and living in a Beach Resort Beach Chairs Photoplace that people pay thousands of dollars to visit is a guaranteed dream come true. It might even be considered a better job than those on a cruise ship if you’re the type of person who prefers to be on land with your feet firmly rooted in one place. It’s definitely less nomadic and certainly promises the beauty of a gorgeous location, making your work experience amplified by the beauty of your surroundings. Who could as for more?

Because resort staff conditions are replicated almost exactly on a cruise ship, many of the positions and demands of those positions are the same. Customer service, desk staff, laundry, cleaning staff, guides, restaurant workers, youth care and lifeguards are only some of the resort jobs also maintained on cruise ships. Similarly, resort workers can expect the same demands of a cruise ship worker: long hours, demands of a sunny personality, always being "on," in addition to simply working hard to provide a quality standard that is demanded by the resort. So it seems again, the biggest ‘hump’ when working in these dream locations is realizing that you actually have some work to do. After adjusting to the schedules, and the difference in your living environment, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Beach Resort Pool PhotoWhat is different about resort jobs is perhaps, the number of the pros. Because you aren’t limited to the deck of a cruise ship, cabin fever is less of an issue and there is infinitely more personal space to explore and enjoy. There are also more job opportunities because resorts need employees who can provide tennis instruction, mountain biking and hiking tours, golf course attendants, horseback riding, and other positions that just simply aren’t conducive to work on a ship. Depending on the size of the resort, the number of guests can greatly out number those on a cruise ship and as a result, the staff must be larger to compensate.

Seasonally, resort or spa jobs have their benefits. For places like Martha’s Vineyard, Alaska and Palm Springs for example, seasonal highs and lows run the business. And while on a cruise ship, seasonal work can be difficult to procure it is much easier to acquire a seasonal job at a resort to comply with the seasonal nature of the business.

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