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Working on Large Cruise Ships

Aside from the size of a large ocean liner, the prestige these large ships carry is equally as impressive. In most ports of call tourists stuck along the shores marvel at the sheer size and beauty these large ships demand and for most people, a cruise on one of these ships is somewhere on their vacation wish-list. Large cruise ships really are impressive, from a vacationer’s stand point as well as from an employee’s. Large cruise ships have the potential and commonly are out at sea for longer periods of time than smaller vessels.Cruise Ship passes through Panama Canal Photo These large ocean liners arrive and depart from some of the most breathtaking locations in the world and practically no coastal travel destination is without cruise ship access. These means as an employee, your travel limitations are few and with the right motivation you have the potential to see the world.

Large cruise ships also offer the promise of excellent pay. In a bartender job for example, potentially earning tips from the thousands of passengers onboard, highlights the excellent monetary aspect of working on a large ship. It is important to note however, that these large ships have a very specific working environment, one that is often different from the working environments on smaller ships. Because the staff is so large and the needs of each job are so specific, work on a cruise ship is very concentrated and specialized. Most employees onboard do not have a wide range of responsibilities, but instead very few. Cruise line officials and owners have found that working in this way allows employees to develop their specialized skill to the point where they can perform it very well, with few mistakes. This isn’t to say there is no spontaneity in cruise ship jobs, because there most certainly is. However from a day-to-day point of view the jobs can often become monotonous and routine.

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