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Concessionaires Serving the Cruise Industry

p>Cruise line concessionaires are independent companies responsible for hiring employees to work onboard cruise ships. These companies are often wonderful venues for procuring employment because many have long work histories with cruise lines and are often responsible for providing them with thousands of employees each year. Job seekers often overlook Concessionaire companies as good venues to find employment when quite often they are some of the best. This might mean Cruise Line Concessionaire Photothe job pool for applicants using a Concessionaire company is smaller than the job pool being used by the thousands who send cruise lines their resumes directly each day. Statistics work for you in this case, meaning your application has a better chance of being seen, remembered, and followed up on. Concessionaire companies often hire in very specialized areas like the gift shops, entertainment staff, casino workers, dive instructors and other jobs that are often labeled some of the "best" onboard. Choosing to not use a Concessionaire might mean sending your application to the wrong venue completely or missing out on the job that is perfect for you.

Here is how it works: a Concessionaire is a company the hires employees separate from the cruise ship. Many provide the screening and training needed before an employee can set food onboard. In fact, some of the larger Concessionaire companies require all potential employees complete an onboard training program along with any specialized training their future position might require. Sometimes when people apply they are placed immediately, with interviews taking place over the phone and training completed onboard. Others take part in a more in depth training and interviewing process, all of which depends on the position. In most Concessionaire – cruise line relationships, Concessionaire companies rent out a space or run a business that is onboard the ship. For example, they own, stock and run the gift shop as well as provide the employees who work there but simply use a space that happens to be onboard a cruise ship. Employees are responsible for following the contracts and behavioral expectations of both the Concessionaire with whom they acquired employment and those of the cruise ship.

Some Concessionaire companies, while based in one specific location, have representatives and facilities all over the world. They understand the employment needs of the cruise ships who employ them and that means employing people from diverse backgrounds. Finding a representative and interview time in a location near you is typically listed on Concessionaire websites and is a good place to start when beginning to use this valuable resource.

While Concessionaire companies fill positions such as gift shop attendants and managers, they also can specialize in procuring entertainment and other onboard professionals. Some Concessionaire companies only work within the entertainment industry because usually the number of applicants and the pre-screening involved before an employee is performing onboard a cruise ship is astronomical. Others specialize in fitness instructors, beauticians and spa workers. Searching for a Concessionaire company that specializes in providing cruise ships with the type of employment you are interested in is yet another way to make your job-search for employment on a cruise ship that much more successful.

Concessionaires often help profile the type of ship you are interested in working on and while typically you can’t pick and choose the exact ship they can help place you on a ship that best suits your professional and personal needs.

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