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Cruise Lines Use Agencies To Recruit Staff

When you first begin your search for a Cruise Line job there are more than a few factors to consider. The first is that while hundreds if not thousands of jobs exist at any given time, twice or three times as many applications, resumes and letters of inquiry make there way onto cruise line administrator’s desks. Before delving into the specifics that will help make your application or resume stand out, something to consider is using a recruitment agency or agent to gain employment.

Cruise line recruitment agencies are similar to temp agencies that help connect Cruise Ship Recruiters Photo eager employees with employers who are in need of their services. Agents and agencies are sometimes a more direct path to the cruise lines because they have been prepped on the specific number and types of jobs available for the cruise line they represent. Remember, most of the cruise jobs that are available are not publicly listed so discussing your employment needs with someone directly involved in recruiting for the cruise line may be more successful for your job search.

Many recruitment agents work directly for a cruise line company and it is there job to procure them the talent and employees that they need. After researching a cruise line you want to work for specifically, it is a good idea to contact their recruitment agent. These agents screen, interview and in some cases provide training for open positions. Recruitment agents often attend college campuses looking for young, enthusiastic workers who want to make good money. Job Fairs are another good place to keep an eye open for recruitment agents and cruise ship employers.

It is always a good idea to take precautions when using recruitment services, and to keep your specific work goals in mind. Some agents are not allowed to divulge specific information, like the name of the company that is hiring but can give you other details. Also, entry-level positions are often easy for cruise line companies to fill and agents of this kind are most useful to fulfill a job search for a specialized cruise ship job. Often times, the best use of recruitment agencies and agents are to generate leads or to find temporary work. It is very common for a cruise ship to hire someone on temporarily and have it lead to a more permanent position.

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